The street of the Designers-Makers will present a new selection of young neo-artisans. They draw a strong trend of current design where the creator intervenes at all levels, from drawing to marketing ... A rare opportunity to meet those who today create the antiquities of tomorrow.

Designers-makers Street



Founded in 1936, Citadelles & Mazenod is the benchmark publishing house for high-end art books in France. Benefiting from a reputation for excellence, its collections attract bibliophiles, collectors and art lovers. Its scientific content in art history is recognized worldwide, as well as its unique know-how in image reproduction and manufacturing.


Créations poétiques de Philippe Bouveret

11M Philippe BOUVERET


Cica Gomez is developing a line of porcelain objects, at the crossroads of the art object and the object of use: it is the design of a sensitive experience. His work is guided by the search for the line. This line which is drawn when the object takes shape and places in space. The one that delimits a pictorial territory. The simplicity of the shapes creates a space, a surface, where abstract landscapes, colors, a texture can be inscribed. Object-sensation. Cica Gomez wants to create a vibration in space, a sensation. The object is a skin. The containing a drawing; these objects are a silent company: we use them, they accompany us, in and over time. Earth being a sensitive material, the perceptions it generates are integrated into the creative process. The transformation of this material - clay, which changes with water, then with fire, and which, once finished, comes to life in our daily lives, is in itself a research notebook. As a designer-maker, Cica Gomez therefore works with this combination of precise know-how, forged from experience and expertise in gesture, and the search for aesthetics: the object is designed, drawn on the paper, then transformed by this dialogue that exists between the hand and the moving material on the potter's wheel. The technical know-how is at the service of the form, the fluidity of the gesture gives rise to the density of the object. His influences come from Japanese or Scandinavian design, and from this taste for "saying more with less". Make, an object, simple, refined, elegant, sober. These objects are distributed in France, Denmark (at Yonobi Studio), the United States (with The Webster: New York, Miami), and recently, in Japan (a collaboration with General Furnishings & Co.) She is also starting collaborations with great gourmet restaurants, which wish to work with the double dimension of quality and proximity, such as La Cour des Loges, in Lyon, France.


15M L'atelier la Bétonneri

The concrete workshop is a workshop for creating furniture and concrete objects. Concrete is a material that allows you to have a wide choice of creations and makes each piece made unique. Rudy Bauchet, through his various professional experiences, is independent throughout the manufacturing process. Wood and metal combine with concrete on some models. It is also possible to call on our workshop for bespoke creations.

15M L'atelier la Bétonneri


Maitoinen is a brand that believes that daily routine can inspire us on its own. We can make our routines memorable with little detail. With this consciousness, I am designing the goods we use in the day in the most simple way to make people feel calm. Each object is sustainably produced in our Istanbul atelier. All are made by hand gently which brings unique imperfections that reflects their exquisiteness.


19M Christian DE CHAVAGNAC

Graduated from CAD (Brussels) in interior architecture and object design, I prefer the absence of labels or styles. I like renewal, trying to have a critical look at my past creations in the hope of being fairer in the future. For two years, I have been exploring molding techniques of organic shapes with polymers such as silicone and resin as well as their application in construction and furniture. For The Place To Be Design, I want to present my resin creations which are an invitation to nature, to occupy a place in our interiors.

19M Christian DE CHAVAGNAC








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